help wanted from ben 17 Jan 2011 @ 02:17pm

this is taken from ben's personal facebook this morning:


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Ben Jelen update 19 Aug 2009 @ 08:04pm

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So...he's in a new band called Under The Elephant and they're performing tonight in Brooklyn (I only found out this afternoon and since I am some 1000 miles from NYC, I'll be missing it). They don't have a record yet, but several demo songs are on their facebook page.

Also, when I went to Under the Elephant facebook page there was a comment by Fern Jelen, so I think the hiatus has been because he GOT MARRIED. Go Ben!

There are a few new songs (new to me anyways) on itunes, a new EP and a few other misc. things, I just downloaded them, but haven't had a chance to listen yet.

There are several new pics on his myspace and on Under the Elephant too, so here, have a few under a cut!Collapse )

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i'm a bad bad mod 13 Apr 2008 @ 10:30am

just for those hanging out for ben jelen news, you can watch his new video "wreckage" (directed by linda perry) here.

also, if you are in the new york area, ben is performing at REPLAY, (109 prince st, soho) april 22nd at 5:00pm. here is a copy of the email..Collapse ).

if you can, please go show your support for him at this event! :)

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Some Ben photos :) 05 Apr 2008 @ 09:04am

Hi, I am best friends with Ben's girlfriend's sister. I haven't met Ben (yet), but I'm really close with his girlfriend's fam and his girlfriend (Fern) is awesome. So here is a peek into his personal life!

where do we go from here?Collapse )

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Autograph 06 Sep 2007 @ 10:02pm

Ben Jelen Autograph up for sale:

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20 Jul 2007 @ 01:39am

just a heads up, ben has a new street team and members have access to an unreleased song download via the "downloads" page.

link / info

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27 Jun 2007 @ 05:12pm

I got an email offering me 2 free tickets to Ben's July 16th show at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC. Since I have to work and won't be able to make a trip to the city during the week, I am offering them up to someone who CAN go.

Post the (full) name of you (and a guest) First 2 names to be posted will be RSVPed to Ben's management.

The show is Monday, July 16 at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC
Doors are at 8, Ben should be on by 9:30
Ben will be performing a full set and will have a few special guests opening up for him.

This is his CD Release concert, his cd comes out July 17th! (and he will be signing copies of the CD at Virgin Megastore in Union Square that day as well as performing a set)

Comments are screened.

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09 Jun 2007 @ 05:23pm

9 Ben Jelen icons at my icon journal poisonoak_icons :) Check them out.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Click here!

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sheet music 25 Mar 2007 @ 05:27pm

Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone had the sheet music to "Come On" for the piano? Thanks!

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NEWS!!! 05 Feb 2007 @ 08:32pm

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YOU GUYS! Get excited!


Check out the maddness here,

or just check out the article below. ;)

Night's as long as we can dreamCollapse )

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Ben Jelen facebook! :) 20 Nov 2006 @ 05:51pm

Hey guys!

I'm not sure if this's already been done... but when I checked facebook I found nothing else...

SO! I created a global Ben Jelen facebook group... thingy. There are only two members so far, and I've been horribly busy with school lately, so I haven't been able to post here.

There's the link...check it out and show your love and support for Ben! ♥

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Hello all... 01 Nov 2006 @ 04:21am

mood:   chipper

I've been lurking here for quite awhile now and have decided to finally show my face and introduce myself! I'm Bella, 26 and from Australia. I've been a fan of Ben's since late 2003 and my love for his music only continues to grow.

I do have an alterior motive for posting today.. (as posted on the BJMB) needs YOU!

Well.. your pictures to be more accurate!

In a couple of weeks there will be the unveiling of a brand new site dedicated to the man himself and we're looking for LIVE photos to add to our gallery.

You WILL be credited and listed as the owners of the photos and you don't have to worry about people hotlinking from you as we'll load them to our own resources to save your bandwith.

All we ask of you is to bundle up your pictures in an email and send it off too - Please be sure to include the following:
Your name.
The date and location of the show the photos were taken at.
The contact email you would like us to reference.

Also, we ask that you PLEASE refrain from tagging right across your images. Tags are wonderful for copyright purposes etc, but when you're trying to see an image and all you can make out is an unsightly red email address glaring back at you, it tends to spoil the content and we all know that spoiling pictures of Ben is just not a desired thing!

If you have any questions - please feel free to contact me on either aim (InTheSettingSunx) or msn ( or if I'm not available, my fellow web-mistress, Mellie can be contacted at (stuckxonxrewind) or ( Or of course, you can always email at the above address. One of us will get back to you asap!

Thanks bunches in advance everyone and I look forward to getting to know you all!

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hullo, 28 Oct 2006 @ 08:48pm

mood:   random

eating on the train

I wish he'd drag his cuteness to the Netherlands. help me get his cuteness to the Netherlands, here!!

thanks. XD

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Curious 02 Aug 2006 @ 08:42pm

I must admit that I joined this comm so that I could ask a question. Now that I'm here I hope to be a part of the Ben lovin'

Does anyone know how tall Ben is?

I've looked on every site that I can find and I can't see it. Thanks in advance for your help.


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Demand Ben in your city! 17 Jul 2006 @ 05:40pm

There is a thing on Ben's MySpace Music page where you can demand to have Ben come to your city and play.

There are also two mp3 downloads available.

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Wow 12 Jun 2006 @ 01:23pm

mood:   amazed

Just a quick post, because I have only just discovered Ben as a musician. I'm stunned. I have to post as I now can't think of anything else (let alone the work I'm supposed to be doing!)

Last time I saw Ben we were both about 9 or 10 years old, we went to the same school and used to get into quite a lot of trouble together! One particular example that springs to mind is that he almost broke my nose once, playing kiss chase (he dropped me on the playground! Tut!).

Anyway, I saw a thread about him on a forum I use today, that was the first I'd heard of him since his family moved to Texas all those years ago (apart from one letter he wrote to our class after moving).

I'm amazed, and impressed, and excited! I've often wondered what became of him since he left!

So, anyone care to fill me in with a basic summary of his career to date (please!)? I've had a quick look around his site and message board (found this community through a link on there somewhere), and look forward to having time to read them more and listen to some of his tracks. I like what I've heard so far! It looks like he's fairly active on the board too, I may have to pluck up the courage to write to him!


p.s. I might be able to dig out some old school pictures as a reward ;) lol (I'll have to look through my mum's old albums when I go home next month!)

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HEY 01 Jun 2006 @ 06:42am


tour dates in hereCollapse )

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20 May 2006 @ 12:44pm

Are there any Ben fansites other than ? Are there any more up to date galleries? His new official site doesn't have any pics up, but there's a couple I hadn't seen before on his MySpace, which leads me to believe there must be more somewhere.

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15 May 2006 @ 10:55pm

Ben Jelen Tour baseball T

Ben Jelen Tour Tank

I'm getting ready for a move and hoping to lighten my load a bit while possibly passing along some of my stuff to a nice new owner.  If this kind of post isnt allowed, mods please delete.

Also, what of Ben's summer tour dates does everyone plan on hitting up? I'm most likely going to be at Hartford June 24th!

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08 Dec 2005 @ 11:52am

Does anyone know where I can find scans from the February 2005 issue of L'Uomo Vogue/Italy that Ben was in?

I've spent the last few days looking all over for them but I haven't been able to find anything but these ones. If anyone knows where the rest of the images from the shoot can be found I'd... Have their babies or something.

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